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Sports & Leisure

Your go to for hygienic, robust and user friendly commercial washrooms.

In the dynamic and active environment of sports and leisure facilities, providing clean, convenient, and well-designed washrooms is essential to ensuring the overall comfort and satisfaction of your visitors. 

At Bristol Panel Formers, we offer a range of washroom products, in a range of materials and colours, perfectly suited to the Sports and Leisure sector, our cubicles are not only durable and strong but also stylish, modern and easy to clean, making them a perfect fit for any facility. They can be paired with our duct access panel systems, which are designed for easy installation and maintenance access, all without disrupting the flow of your facility. 

As well as versatile cubicle systems, we provide locker and bench seating solutions that are not only functional but also designed for durability. Your visitors can securely store their belongings while they enjoy their activities.

Take a look and upgrade your sports and leisure facilities with our high-quality toilet cubicles.

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