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Healthcare and Custodial

Offering a wide range of products that are ideal for hospital, custodial and mental health facilities.

Designed specifically for hospitals and medical facilities, our innovative designs and expert craftsmanship allow for easy installation and maintenance of medical and healthcare furniture. Keeping hygiene and patient safety at the forefront of their design. 

Our duct access panel range allows for easy access to plumbing, while also maintaining the integrity of your design. The anti-ligature range is the perfect solution for hospitals, custodial and mental health facilities looking to maximise user safety. With their unique design, the anti-ligature furniture eliminates the potential for ligature points to be hung, reducing the risk of self-harm. 

Made from durable materials, all of our products withstand even the harshest conditions, while being easy to clean and maintain. Our team is committed to exceeding expectations by manufacturing high-quality products that meet the safety standards set out in The Health Building Note while delivering exceptional customer service. 

Invest in safety with our healthcare, custodial and anti-ligature cubicle, washroom and furniture ranges.

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